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E.L.F. Loves and Loathes: Lips Edition

E.L.F. Loves and Loathes (Lip Products)

This is second in a three-part blog post set, I've done eye products already and I'll be doing face products next to finish it off.

E.L.F. is an online brand but in other parts of the world you can even get them in drugstores! They're so popular because their products are really cheap, and yet they aim to dupe a lot of more expensive products out there.

Can I just firstly say that these are my opinions and my opinions only- some of you may love the products I hate, and vice versa!

So let's get into it!

I'm gonna start off with the loathes, just to get them out of the way...



Glossy Gloss

I really hated this product, and I'm not that big of a lipgloss fan anyway, but these ones really were not good.

I wasn't expecting high pigmentation, and there certainly isn't high pigmentation.

Sweet Salmon
Ballet Slippers
I like the smell, it's vanilla-y. But the gloss is very thick and sticky. The applicator is very stiff, meaning when you apply to the lips you end up wiping some of it off.

However there's no doubting the packaging- it's beautiful!


'GOOD' PRODUCTS- these products are alright but not amazing (4)

Conditioning Lip Balm

This product is okay. It gives a sheer tint to the lips, and this colour is pretty.

Mellow Melon
It's not amazingly conditioning, as the name suggests, but it's alright! It doesn't cake onto the lips and looks more natural, so I like this.

I quite want to try the nude colour called 'Nice & Natural' because that looks really good. Also, you get loads of product in the well-packaged studio tub.

Mineral Lipstick

These are a good product, and I do want to try out more colours in the line. I probably actually don't get enough use out of them actually.

Runway pink, Rich raspberry
The bonus to these as oppose to the next product I'm going to be sharing with you- the essential line lipsticks, these ones are slightly thicker (in a good way, they're still not too thick), meaning they'll have a longer staying power, which is good. They are really good quality.

Runway Pink
Rich Raspberry (sorry I know the application on this one was awful)

They have a slightly less shiny finish than the essential line lipsticks.

Moisturising Lip Tint

Another alright product. I use the nude one quite a lot. Again, they're not that moisturising but give a nice tint of colour to the lips without being a full-on lipstick.

Natural, Berry
Natural, Berry
They look quite nice on the lips, I often wear the nude one out or to school. It's nice.
Custom Lips
£1.50 each

These are okay, it's nice to have a lipstick in this sort of arrangement but they didn't have the pigmentation that I would've wanted, or come to expect considering the quality of the rest of the ELF lip products.

In order, left to right top then bottom, I have the colours wine, sugar plum, earth rose and berry brown. They're quite thin and look nice and natural on the lips. The colour selection isn't that great though.

I also had a custom eyes palette, but it was really awful. The colours were chunky and chalky- really awful. The lips ones are better no doubt.



I do think E.L.F. lip products on the whole are amazing, and this is their best category.


The colour range is amazing, the smell is amazing (like fruity sweets), the texture is amazing. I love these.

Nostalgic, Classy, Gypsy, Captivating
These are my favourite lip products and perhaps products on the whole from ELF, and they're from the essential line so the price is even lower than other products.

same order as above and below 
lips with no product
Nostalgic- I love this colour, and it works amazingly to mix with others too
The only problem is the photos on the website are so misleading!! Always check out swatches before buying from ELF- that's my top tip!

Nostalgic, Classy, Captivating, Gypsy

Lip Primer and Plumper

This product has one side that supposedly plumps the lips- it's a clear smooth product that does give a tingling sensation. As to whether it actually plumps, who knows.

The other side is the prime side. It's a sort of creamy concealer which nudes out the lips, meaning you'll get a more accurate colour to your lipstick. This is a key product to own, and I use it all the time. It really helps light lipsticks show up better.

It's a nice product, and there aren't many other specialist lip primers out there, so I recommend trying it out.
Stained lips before applying the product 
After I applied the primer, and patted it in well
As you can see, the problem is that it's a tiny bit drying. It's still better than wearing concealer though!

Matte Lip Colour

This is a nice product, and I especially love the colours I own. These are a matte-looking lipstick in a roll-up pencil form.

Tea rose, natural

 Because they're matte, they're slightly more drying than the ordinary lip product. Also they're not completely matte either, and I've noticed they still have some sheen.

Tea rose- a muted purple 
Natural- a slightly orangey nude shade

I really want to try out the one in nearly nude!

Also they're roll-up, meaning no sharpening, which is always a bonus.

1 Mineral Lip Liner and 2 Lip Liner and Blend Brush
£3.50 and £3.95

I love these lip liners, they're the best quality ones I've tried. Despite there being two different forms (one comes with a blending lip brush on the other end, and the other does not) the product is 100% the same, just with different colours.

Lip liner and blend brushes in Wine and Grapefruit, Lip liner in Raisin
These are so amazing. They're longwearing, highly pigmented and work as an amazing base under lipsticks or alternatively just alone for a matte finish. Wow. They have a colour selection for all skin tones. It's perfect.

Also both of these products wind up so there's no need for sharpening once again (the packaging is amazing), and they come with caps so your product stays clean and safe.

Same order as above
I quite want to try the essential line lip pencils, just to compare. I think everyone should try these out, they're so cheap (as is everything), and I must add before this post finishes that you should always wait until ELF are having a 50% off sale, which happens more than you'd expect. Therefore although all the prices here are extremely cheap, just imagine them half off! It's unbeatable.


I hope you guys found this somewhat interesting or helpful!

What are your favourite lip products from ELF? What are your least favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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