Monday, 15 April 2013

Dark Blue Nails with Cute Accent Glitter

Current Nails

Just quickly showing the current state of my nails: I did a similar look around Christmas time but with red instead of blue and it ROCKED, this cute accent nail art looks good with any colour.

Today I, still being in a Winter mind-frame despite the unusually good British weather, decided to opt for this blue polish called Blue Plum by Barry M. It's one of the new(-ish) Gelly Hi-Shine range, which I love for their colour range and pigmentation. Only one coat is really needed, but for my own sense of self-satisfaction I decided to use two.

The accent nail was done with Yellow Topaz Glitter which I love and was kindly given to me by a good friend for a 'Secret Santa' Christmas gift-type scheme. This is a thick nail of polish- as I had to use 3-4 coats to get my desired effect. This could've been avoided by using a gold nail polish as a base under the glitter.

Blue Plum, Barry M
In terms of base-coat and top-coat; for base-coat as part of my current nail-care routine (a whole blog post on this routine is coming up) I used two coats the matte Nail Evvy by OPI which I love more as a nail strengthener than a go-to base-coat, simply because I have noticed slightly stained nails whilst using this with other polish before. The top-coat is the Sally Hansen Nail Shine miracle which is just as good as any other top-coat I have used, except it seems to take forever to dry...?

Yellow Topaz Glitter, Barry M

Anyway the state of my nails currently isn't the best, but I'm growing them out and they're not at my desired length or shape yet, this was just a procrastination nail-look which I threw on to give a cute, fun alternative to a solid block of colour.

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