Thursday, 12 June 2014

Selling Some Unloved Clothes and Makeup!

I'm selling some of my unwanted clothes and makeup on this recent discovery of mine, an app called DEPOP.

You may have heard of this app already, just letting you guys know if anything below interests you, I'm selling them all! Want to give my unloved clothes and makeup new homes, and get a bit of money back in the process.

The app lets you post pictures of your items of clothing and set a price, and people can send you private messages, comment and like the posts, and eventually buy through papal or mail.

It's a selection of things I don't use or wear anymore, which is always sad, but selling your clothes and makeup and getting a bit of money back on your payment is always much better than just chucking them away or giving them away free.

Means you can buy more stuff!

If you want any more detail on an individual post, let me know, or check out my account on DEPOP (an app, I have it for iphone), my account @amberthompson8

Or if you don't have an account and are interested in something, I can send you more pictures and you can buy off me using Paypal, and I can ship it to you, without us having to go through the site.

If you don't have this app already, it's great and I highly recommend it!

Have you ever bought or sold from Depop?

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