Friday, 20 June 2014

Current Skincare Miracle: Tea Tree Oil

My Experience with Tea Tree Oil

I've had this for almost half a month now, and have been using it nearly every day.

I originally bought it in yet another attempt to somehow heal my grossly infected tragus piercing... *sigh*, the troubles of a pierced-gal (anyone got any tips??).

For that, I've had little luck as of yet- it seems way too harsh and just burns the skin and irritates it even more (and yes I did dilute it!)-, but I'll have to keep you updated.

However what I have been using it for, and loving the long term effects it's been having, is as a sort of skincare treatment on my face.

I initially began doing so because obviously Tea Tree oil is well-known for its skincare-redeeming properties, and is found in many skincare items such as cleansers that I have already tried. I have such a huge tub that I wanted to try it for things other than ear piercings, as I had read the reviews where I bought it saying it was a completely multi-use product.

Before I started using this, I don't know why but I was going through a really bad skin period. And I'm not just talking a few spots that grow bigger and then gradually fade away, oh no. 

I began noticing spot-like bumps, mainly on the sides of my face, like the cheekbone area, (which is somewhere I know acne-prone people usually get hormonal spots, not that I personally have ever suffered from acne), and these bumps would not grow or shrink really and maybe go away but after a while.

Have you guys ever experienced it? I had no idea what I was dealing with.

I also got rough spots in other places around my face. It was horrible.

Since then I've been using tea tree oil every day or every two days as a wash over my skin, and have also reduced Clarasonic use (I might do a 1 year on blog post on this soon, let me know if that interests you) to once a day instead of twice a day. And my skin has cleared up a LOT.

This has helped with my spot-bump things, and definitely would be amazing for a spot treatment when you get those huge oily gross spots- I know I get those, and this is the perfect product for it.

  • Once or twice a day
  • Soak a cotton pad in either a cleanser (bioderma, not like a foaming one), toner (the Clearasil and Garnier ones are my current favourites), or a sea-salt mix
  • Afterwards, drop 3-4 drops of tea tree oil onto the soaked pad
  • Diluting it is extremely important: this stuff is strong. A little bit is refreshing, but if you put too much on, it's going to burn your skin, and clearly this is not good for it. Be careful about putting this on open spots, as it burns any open skin. Also, I have dry and sensitive (perhaps broken skin) around the nose, and I have found that putting it here stings loads, so I hardly put it over that area
  • I then wipe my cotton pad all over my face. Again, because it's so strong, avoid the eye area
  • Despite being an oil, it's not too thick and does fully sink into the skin

This really feels like it cleans and cleanses it, making your skin fresh, pristine and smooth.

Because of these properties, I have tried using this in the morning (I usually just use it at night) to see if it works like a primer and mattes my face, making it better for makeup application. It does not. I do find it makes my skin slightly oilier in the long run, and therefore I have stuck to using it at night and not during the day under makeup.

I think a little bit would be fine, and would give your skin a dewy look whilst being great for it- something you can't say about most makeup! 

I have also tried adding a couple drops to moisturiser and this works amazingly.

I think the easiest place to buy a product like this is either amazon or ebay, and here is the link to where I bought mine, off Amazon for £7. This price is something I see as reasonable considering it's 100ml, AND you dilute it, so it'll probably last me forever. As you can see, I've used very little.

Have you tried Tea Tree Oil, and if not, will you be? What's your current skincare miracle? Let me know in the comments below.

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