Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Throwing Out: Beauty Treats Glitter Palette

I'm Gonna Have to Get Rid... Glitter Palette from Beauty Treats

New series I'm doing where basically I do a blog post on items I have decided to throw out due to either lack of use or deciding they're off and not something I can use anymore. Either that or they're just awful products with no better home elsewhere. This is different to empties as those are products I've completely finished up. These are not.

This is meant to be a glitter eyeshadow (but they're in cream form) palette. It's definitely aimed towards younger experimentation, and not the sort of makeup I practice now.

I recently had a big room-tidy (so nice to do every once in a while) and regrettably decided to throw this out. I've been keeping it mostly as a aesthetic thing (because it looks so pretty), but I just don't use it and it's an awful product so I put it in the bin.

How the cream glitters come out swatched
Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what this product is called. I couldn't find it anywhere online and I got it so so long ago.

It was a present from my mum many years ago. At the time I was like 'wow! this is the best thing ever!' as you are in a childhood way. But now it just never gets used at all.

It's a shame I have to throw this out but it feels good to de-clutter.

A thick, creamy texture with visibly glitter

Swatched. The texture probably has deteriorated somewhat due to the amount of time I've had it. 

The colour in the pan after one swatch
The problem with this is that the glitter is only there on the surface, so no matter how nice it looks, you only really get 1-2 uses out of it in the glitter form. What's left is a pale creamy-textured shadow and no glitter.

Another example: before swatch
Another example: after swatch
As pretty as this was to look at, it just wasn't something I was getting any use out of. The quality wasn't quite there.

What's the last product you've had to throw out? Let me know in the comments below.

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