Saturday, 30 August 2014

August Makeup and Skincare Empties!

I've used up so many things recently, and here I'm going to give a brief review/thoughts on each of them. I think seeing what products people actually use up is the most interesting thing ever.

Here's an overview!

Now I'll deal with the products in smaller sections.


First on the left are the Simply Gentle organic Cotton Pads. Sorry, this is really boring but these are what I use to remove my makeup every evening and cleanse in the morning. These ones are alright, to me it doesn't really matter which cotton pads I buy, I either buy the cheapest ones or just ask my mum to get some for me.

Top middle is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control 3 in 1 daily cleansing lotion. I use this not to remove my makeup, but after removing my makeup to just make it even cleaner and fresh. I don't know, it just makes my skin feel really very chemically clean, and I like having one product in my skincare routine that does this. The Garnier pure active pore purifying toner next to it is a very similar sort of deal. I didn't use them both in conjunction with each other, just switched up which one of these I used. I would repurchase both of them, I really liked them. I'd like to think they've been keeping my skin good and spots under control.

Underneath is the Witch naturally clear 25 cleansing and toning wipes. You may have seen these in a very recent haul of mine, they were gone within about three weeks which really isn't long. I used these not to fully remove my makeup, but after using a more effective makeup remover to take off the brunt of my makeup, I'd use one of these and swipe it over the face just to make it feel more clean. I did like these, and it's been nice to rediscover makeup wipes after over half a year of not using them at all, but in terms of makeup wipes I do prefer the other two ones I featured in that haul, the Neutrogena spot treatment ones, and the Simple ones. Those are amazing.


These products are all from The Body Shop! Their bodycare products are obviously amazing and I love everything I have from them.

The two body butters are in Spiced Vanilla and Spa Widsom Polynesia (which I'm pretty sure is a really old-school one, I seem to have had it for absolutely ages and only just used it up.) In terms of formula, I think I prefered the Monoi Body Balm one, maybe because it's a balm rather than a butter it implies it's going to be more moisturising and sink into the skin better? Because that's what I found it did. I don't know if they even do this stuff anymore, but it was very nice. The scent was really subtle but fresh, and the spiced vanilla one was sweet and strong with vanilla, as I'm sure you can imagine. I have so many body butters that I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing any time soon, but I do trust the Body Shop heavily for body butters so if I ever run out I'll probably continue to buy from there.

Next is the Moringa shower gel, and I love their shower gels. The scents are, as always, absolutely divine and I just really like using these body washes in the shower as they leave a slight scent and make me feel fresh and clean. I will 100% repurchase, they're not even expensive or anything, I think usually about £2.50 for a massive tub like that.

Hair and Nailcare:

In terms of haircare, I used up a product I've had for so so long, the much raved about Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair Masque. It's an in-shower 10 minute hair mask. It's one of those products that you buy and it's so expensive that you're scared to use it, and very rarely do. I don't normally buy things this expensive, I normally just stick to drugstore, so purchasing this, especially as it's a haircare product, was very out of character for me. It is a haircare miracle. As mentioned, I used it very rarely on special occasions, and it really helped when my hair was feeling a bit dry and completely revitalised it, since my hair is naturally blonde and I dye it frequently dark brown. It immediately and in the short term (a few days) gave my hair new life, making it feel soft and smooth, but still workable. If I can find it within me to spend the money on this again, or if I can find it discounted at TK Maxx again, perhaps I will end up repurchasing this.

I also finished the Burt's Bees cuticle balm, and the sweet lemon scent is the most amazing thing ever, it's beautiful, if a scent can be. You may have seen it mentioned in my nailcare megapost, I swear by this stuff. I don't need to repuchase it as I already have a backup, a slightly bigger size too, but after that runs out I probably will. It basically just smooths down my cuticles and moisturises them, and I like to use this a few hours before painting my nails if I can be bothered. It's not a cream but more of a thick, moisturising paste. And yeah, I really liked this product.


It's hard to tell what the two powders even are because they're so grubby and worn down!

The top product is the Natural Collection pressed powder in the shade 01, cool. This was a really nice powder for the drugstore, as with the one under it which i'll talk about next.

Underneath is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in 01 Transparent. This is the second one of these I've used up completely, and I have a newer one I've just started using. I think that says quite a lot about my feelings towards this powder. It's the only one I've ever repurchased I think, I have so many powders but this one works fine for me. It does keep me matte and sets my makeup in place. I'm sure there's loads of better powders (I do prefer my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish natural), but this one is so cheap and convenient, and like I said, it does the job. So I will continue to repurchase.

The final product is the L'Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer. This is hands down my favourite eyeliner ever. I repurchased it as soon as I got signs of it starting to dry up because I was devastated. Saying that though, this has lasted me for an eternity. Literally ages and I always use it when I go out (which you'll probably know if you've been reading my new set of posts I've been doing showing you some fun eye makeup looks I've been experimenting with because it features in every single one). It lasts all night, and trust me I've put this to the test, it's an intense deep black and it's so easy to use because it's somewhere in between a thin flexible liner and a stiff one- it bends amazingly and allows you to pretty much do a whole wing in one swipe. If you haven't already, I implore you to try this product, you won't go back.


So there are all my empties! I really hope you enjoyed this, let me know your thoughts below in the comments.


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