Friday, 27 February 2015

Update: From Brunette To Blonde

 Yes guys, it's happened!

Ahead of aiming to get either pastel blue/pink hair this summer (help me decide which please I've been pondering this for over a year) I'm now blonde.

It's been a few months actually, but I haven't had a chance to share until now.

I can definitely do a whole post on the process, but I did it myself (with help from a few friends) and it wasn't the easiest thing i've ever done let's just say.

To cut a long story short, my hair had been dyed brown for a year as its natural colour is a dark mousy blonde. And then I decided to go really platinum blonde- just for a change and to help the colour stay and show up vibrant when I finally go pastel blue or pastel pink.

I plan on keeping it this way until the end of summer and when I go off to uni i'll go back to brunette.

Ah, hair adventures.

If you guys want me to do an in depth post on how I went blonde (with dyed hair it's a real struggle) and what products I recommend, just let me know.

Friday, 20 February 2015

January-February 2015 Empties


During my dry months of not posting here (bad, I know), I had stored up many empties. So many that I even had to throw out one set of about 4 months worth before even writing reviews. Apologies for that, but I do still have a great selection of empties from the last couple months to share with you.


Okay, I know I never mention haircare, but this is my ultimate favourite haircare product of all time. It's a shampoo, here I have the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Yes, it's Head and Shoulders. Sure it's known for being a product for people with dandruff, but I beg you all to give it a try. It works wonders on any hair, it smells amazing, nourishes your roots (very important seeing as my scalp has been dry recently due to bleaching), and leaves your hair feeling hairdresser-fresh. I will continue to repurchase this. Give it a go, you may change your views. It's not just for people with flaky scalps!


I nearly always try out new cleansers, and this was one I tried out this year and the end of last year. It's the Garnier Pure Active gentle deep clean cream wash. It was amazing. It's perfect for sensitive skin as it has little fragrance and comes in a thicker cream consistency, to which you add water and massage into the skin. I really notice that after washing this off, my skin feels at least 5 times more smooth than it did before, having a much greater effect than other cleansing washes I have used. I may well repurchase.

Two spot treatments next. Both the Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream and the Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick are extremely chemical. They smell chemical, they feel chemical when applied to spots, and yes they do give a burning sensation if you have an open spot. They are extremely drying (good if you have an oily spot like mine always are, but perhaps use in consideration if you have dry skin) and can cause flakiness on the skin. But when something burns me I really feel like it's working, and although it's always hard to tell with skincare, I think these did both help me with the occasional breakout.

Burt's Bees is slightly more expensive and definitely harder to get ahold of in the UK so I'll probably repurchase the Clearasil one or try out another brand's version- as most drugstore brands have a very similar product on offer.


Okay, bear with me because I know this is Justin Bieber's fragrance 'Someday', but this was my favourite perfume ever and one of the nicest scents I have ever smelt. It became 'my signature' and I really have to repurchase. It's sweet but not sickly sweet, slightly fruity, but still a bit perfumey without smelling like that classic grandma perfume that really just smells of... perfume. This and the Lady GaGa Fame perfume are my favourites of all time- both amazing scents this one just lasts longer on the skin.


The L'Oreal True Match foundation was one of if not my first foundation. And it has been my favourite for EVER. It feels lightweight but gives good coverage, a satin finish and lasts really well on the skin. People rave about this all the time, but I somehow feel it still deserves more. It's really good. Really trying to use up foundations before I repurchase this one again, but I am so sure all I need in my collection is this and the Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation because these are the best ones I have ever tried (although I would like to branch out into higher end foundations at some point, sure).

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. This one dried up on me/ I used it up- it's always hard to tell exactly which. Although the brush is so tiny it takes a while to build up bottom lashes, it's cute and worth it, especially because I find when taking my makeup off after a night out I can't get it all off- meaning I always have regular makeup-less upper lashes and yet long spidery bottom lashes. It builds volume and length, and the fact it's so long lasting means you don't need to worry about mascara falling down all over your face. Not sure if I will repurchase straight away as bottom lash mascara still seems a bit gimicky to me- I'd rather buy a thin small waterproof mascara I can use on both top and bottom lashes.

The ELF lip liner and blending brush in Wine was quite nice. The formula was not too creamy and not too thick and waxy and of course the price of ELF products is extremely cheap. They don't have a massive colour selection but this was a deep purpley reddy brown (does that make sense?) which I could actually use for a variety of lipstick shades- as well as on its own all over the lip. The lip brush on the other end though isn't the best- seems to remove product instead of blending it out.

This was probably my favourite clear mascara or brow gel I have ever had. It's The Body Shop's Brow and Lash Gel, and I found it stuck down my brows and set them firmly in place without being as aggressive as the ELF wet gloss lash and brow mascara which really feels like you've taped down your eyebrows. Some people like that, but if you really don't want to feel like you've got loads of product on your eyebrows, this is the one. Will definitely repurchase.

Thanks for bearing with me, we've reached the final product. It's a strawberry flavoured Carmex lip balm. Carmex is hands down the best lip balm ever; it really sinks into lines and soothes, as well as smoothing out your lips, instead of just coating your lips and making them feel all glossy for a little while. This one also had an SPF which surprisingly is hard to find in a lip balm, but extremely important.

Hope this was somewhat interesting or informative to you guys- stay tuned for more posts and definitely more empties.

The Library of Fragrance Cologne Review

The Library of Fragrance

Apple Pie Cologne Spray

(Let me first and unrelated say I hope to get back to usual posting schedule and be a lot more reliable now! Thanks for sticking with me)

I have been in contact with The Library of Fragrance now for many months ahead of their UK release (which was officially September 2014). They provide a vast selection of around 100 unique scents you won't be able to find anywhere else (but have always wanted in a perfume!); whacky fragrances such as 'play doh', 'baby powder' and 'fireplace' as well as obviously hooking us up with the classics too (eg 'cherry blossom' and 'amber').

Not 100% sure as to why my package was labelled Apple Blossom when the fragrance is called 'Apple Pie'...? Maybe an alternate name?
A collection of 28 selected scents are available in selected Boots stores across the UK (with testers so you can sniff them out) and the whole selection is displayed on their website, with each priced at £15 (or 2 for £25).

When selecting my fragrance, I knew I wanted to try one of their more unique scents, so chose 'Apple Pie'. Slightly wary but nonetheless excited when this arrived, I tried it out for about a month.

It's great.

What I love to do is spray a couple of times with my normal perfume, then add a light spray of this too for a little something extra. They also mention that you can layer their fragrances to create your own custom scent. The scent on its own is extremely powerful, and has a surprisingly long staying-power; I expected it to be more like a body mist.

The fact that I was wearing this was noticed on occasion, with someone telling me repeatedly I smelt amazing. It's not too apple-y. It has a deep warmth to it and variety of different layers of scent- if that makes sense. I definitely recommend this scent and will be trying out others.

However, I must mention that whilst watching a Bailey Van der Veen video on YouTube (check her out, she's very artistic in her makeup application) I saw her mention these perfumes. She had initially received one in her Ipsy Glambag a while back, and in a Canadian superstore she recently saw these on clearance for 94c! Yes, less than one Canadian dollar, and she picked up a few of them. Compared to the Uk pricetag of £15; there's obviously a huge difference there.

Because the scent is so rich and flavourful, even though it's a little bottle, it really does last a long time. So I do recommend this product, even for the £15 pricetag.

Furthermore, the people at The Library of Fragrance were wonderful, especially Clare Rees their director who I was in contact with for over 6 months of their process. I wish you guys all the success.

Check out The Library of Fragrance:

Twitter: @LibraryofFragUK

Instagram: LibraryofFragUK 

Thanks for reading! Check out their website and let me know in the comments below which scent of theirs would you most like to try.


* Although this product was sent to me, I was under no obligation whatsoever to write a post unless I wished to. All opinions are as always 100% my own and completely un-biased.