Monday, 14 April 2014

Nail-care Megapost: Achieve and Maintain Healthy, Strong Nails

Nail Care Top Tips

Here I will share with you my key tips and products to help you grow your nails and maintain their health.

I love long nails, so I've learnt over the years the best way to get them to the right stage, and avoid breakages.


Firstly, it is extremely important to file your nails regularly, and properly.

Filing your nails regularly not only keeps your nails in shape, but it encourages growth and keeps them strong too. Shape is extremely important, as if your nails are growing at odd shapes, they will be more prone to splitting and breaking, and we all know how annoying that is.

I use this glass nail file from Paname
Crystal or glass nail files are much better than the regular board files, as they are more gentle, whilst actually working quicker and being more effective. Now I've got one, there's no way I'm going back. 

Also glass files prevent as much tearing, which used to be a huge problem for me. You can get them from around £6, and they're usually around the £10 mark. I don't think this price is unreasonable, especially as these files last way longer than the regular ones.


If you suffer from nail splitting, or weak nails, then I suggest some sort of nail strengthener. The best ones by far are the 'Nail Envy' ones from OPI. Sally Hansen also has a great one, for a slightly cheaper price. Are your nails weak? When you push directly down on them, do they hold or do they bend? I used to have extremely thin, bendy and peeling nails, and the weakness would mean they would break all the time. But filing them properly and from time to time if necessary using a nail strengthener has ensured I don't have any sort of problem anymore.

The good thing about this sort of treatment is that you can wear it as a basecoat underneath nail polish, meaning that you can treat your nails whilst wearing a colour on them.

This is the 'sensitive and peeling' Nail Envy, they're quite expensive, around the £15 mark, but they are amazing. I also had the matte version, which I actually preferred. This one, somewhat ironically, tends to peel off the nails after about a day, so I don't recommend using it as a basecoat under nail polish.


My next tip is cuticle care. I use three different products, but you don't necessarily need to use them religiously, just once in a while.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

This cuticle cream is amazing. Basically it softens your cuticles and generally helps the condition of your nails, plus it has a lovely sweet lemon smell. I even have a bigger tub as backup when this runs out, not that you need to use much at all.

I also own a cuticle gel and nourishing cuticle pen. The gel is a lifesaver for me. A tiny squeeze of this is enough to easily remove the bits of cuticle on your nails with just a little rub. It's not painful at all, and takes seconds. I just personally hate pushing back cuticles with a cuticle-pusher. It's uncomfortable!

Excess cuticle on the nail is annoying because it obstructs some of the part of nail you're meant to put polish on. 

Ms. Manicure Cuticle Gel, Elf Noruishing Cuticle Pen


Finally, I recommend always using a basecoat underneath polish. This prevents your polish from affecting the quality of your nails, and also means you won't face staining, especially bad when you wear red or deep purple polish. Nobody wants stained nails.

Three of my favourite basecoats- NYX Ridge Filler, OPI Natual Basecoat and ORLY rubberised bonder basecoat

 Did you find this post helpful? What are your top nail tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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