Saturday, 13 September 2014

Nail Art- Pink and Green Circles

Nail art- trying out these baby pink and blue 3D circles on top of a white base.

I've had these for a while and decided to finally try them out. The look didn't last that long as to be expected, only a couple or maybe 3 days. I got loads of compliments on them on a night out.

What I used:

OPI natural nail base coat
2 coats of 'matt white' white nail polish from Barry M

When the second coat was still tacky, I applied the circles (from a brand called 'Rock'? I'm not sure where I got these exactly) one by one onto the nail with tweezers. If they weren't sticking because the nail was too dry, I just dipped the circles into a bit of the basecoat and used that as an adhesive to stick it down.

When dry, I applied another layer of the basecoat (you could use the topcoat, yes) to seal everything in and reduce the likelihood of the circles chipping off.

Would you try this out? Let me know in the comments below.