Saturday, 27 April 2013

Put a SPRING in Your Step!

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

(L-R): Barry M 'Berry i/c', Essie 'Bikini So Teeny',
Barry M 'Blueberry i/c',  Elf 'Mint Creme',  Barry M 'Lemon i/c'
WITH THE CHANGE in season comes the excuse to dress up your nails in a different way. The transition from the darker trends of winter to the brighter spring pastel colours is definitely something to celebrate. Brighten up your attitude with something different on your nails!

These nail polishes are enough to be a change from winter colours without prematurely being too 'out-there'. They're perfect for April-May as they will go with the more summery clothes you'll be rocking if the weather is good.

Two coats with no topcoat
Check out the swatches on a nail wheel! Most  seem to show up true-to-colour with two coats.

I'm all ready to paint my nails with my first spring colour of this year: the one I've chosen is 'Bikini So Teeny' which is the perfect mix between purple and blue and isn't too outrageous. 

The true blue, 'Blueberry' has been one of my favourite all time nail colours. I also wore 'Berry' a lot last year as well as even gifting it to a few people. I guarantee you'll get a few compliments if you decide to wear it.

What are your favourite spring nail polishes? Which one of my 5 you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.  

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Revision Breaks: Most Creative Times of my Life...

Nail Art Wheels

Yesterday in between bits and bobs of revision I used any inspiration I could come across through pictures and YouTube videos to find designs I could lay down on my new nail wheels. I had ordered a new set of 10 which had promptly arrived the day before.

Doing nail art was such a nice revision break for me, it took me a while to do the whole wheel but I am honestly happy about how each individual design turned out, and I will definitely be trying them all out on my nails.

For all those in the UK, here is the amazon seller link I used to buy my nail wheels if you're interested in getting some (x). They're pretty good quality and a nice natural colour. Also I think I got 20 nail wheels when I thought I was buying 10, which was a nice surprise.

Now I've just gotta choose which to wear to Reading Festival...

If you're reading this post- welcome to my blog! Let me know which designs are your favourite in the comments section.
My favourite summer options for Reading are the colourful dots, colourful leopard print, 4 colour swirl and 4 colour splat!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Are Those Nails Real?!

Cartoon Nails

I RARELY EVER actually end up doing nail art that I've seen tutorials of on YouTube, but as a form of procrastination/creative revision break I decided to try this one out. Obviously credit goes to Cutepolish- it's not her unique idea but she credited the 'owner' of this idea in her video so definitely check it out here (x) if you want to recreate this yourselves. 

When I wore this I got quite a few compliments, and people getting quite confused at what was actually going on. Clearly I didn't execute this to CutePolish standards but c'mon, cut me some slack here, I'm currently growing out my nails so they're not yet quite long enough and definitely not strong enough yet.

Anyway this is a really 'nice' nail look you can fairly easily recreate and it still ends up looking good. So give it a try if you're up for something different and unique to what your friends will be wearing.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Dark Blue Nails with Cute Accent Glitter

Current Nails

Just quickly showing the current state of my nails: I did a similar look around Christmas time but with red instead of blue and it ROCKED, this cute accent nail art looks good with any colour.

Today I, still being in a Winter mind-frame despite the unusually good British weather, decided to opt for this blue polish called Blue Plum by Barry M. It's one of the new(-ish) Gelly Hi-Shine range, which I love for their colour range and pigmentation. Only one coat is really needed, but for my own sense of self-satisfaction I decided to use two.

The accent nail was done with Yellow Topaz Glitter which I love and was kindly given to me by a good friend for a 'Secret Santa' Christmas gift-type scheme. This is a thick nail of polish- as I had to use 3-4 coats to get my desired effect. This could've been avoided by using a gold nail polish as a base under the glitter.

Blue Plum, Barry M
In terms of base-coat and top-coat; for base-coat as part of my current nail-care routine (a whole blog post on this routine is coming up) I used two coats the matte Nail Evvy by OPI which I love more as a nail strengthener than a go-to base-coat, simply because I have noticed slightly stained nails whilst using this with other polish before. The top-coat is the Sally Hansen Nail Shine miracle which is just as good as any other top-coat I have used, except it seems to take forever to dry...?

Yellow Topaz Glitter, Barry M

Anyway the state of my nails currently isn't the best, but I'm growing them out and they're not at my desired length or shape yet, this was just a procrastination nail-look which I threw on to give a cute, fun alternative to a solid block of colour.