Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mac; Pro Longwear Concealer, Empty-Review

Empties: Mini Reviews

When I completely finish a product, I upload a quick blog post reviewing it.

I used up a makeup product! 

Today I finished the 'Pro Longwear Concealer' from Mac, which with two other mac products were my first purchases from the shop. Wow! It must be over two years ago that I bought this product having heard absolutely nothing about it, and I definitely didn't appreciate it that much at the time and not experienced with makeup I felt this was thick and it was also a bit dark for me (the colour (NW15) is perfect for me now).

The aim of a concealer is to cancel out any discolouration on your face or cover up spots. 

In the last few months I have grown to love this. Despite the awful packaging (I'm sure you've heard all about the pump, basically it's impossible for it to distribute the correct amount of product, it always gives waaaay too much, especially not good as this is a full coverage concealer and you only need the tiniest bit to cover anything up.

I think it's about £16, which is definitely a lot when you can get great drugstore concealers from £4. As with other mac cosmetic products, this lasts forever (not literally obviously because it's in my empties -ugh-, i'm sorry), so for that I definitely recommend it. If you like wearing a fuller coverage foundation when you go out, buy this. I wouldn't recommend wearing it without foundation unless you sheer it out.

It may not look completely finished, but I swear it is! Not a drop left and no way of getting any possible excess out. It's finished completely down to the bottom.

I used to use this on spots because of its coverage, but recently every single Youtuber seems to use it as their under eye/highlighting concealer, and I started doing the same. It's amazing for this. It's longwearing and doesn't look too unnatural considering the amount of coverage it gives.

Would I repurchase this again? Yes, just trying to use up some of my other concealers at the moment. Not having this to use is quite saddening actually. It's definitely worth buying a slightly more expensive concealer.

Have you tried this product, or will you be picking one up? What Mac products should I try next? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Witch; Anti-Blemish Primer, Empty-Review

Empties: Mini Reviews

When I completely finish a product, I upload a quick blog post reviewing it.

Today I finished the 'Anti Blemish Skin Clearing Primer' by Witch which I bought at Superdrug.

It's around the £5 mark which I think is a really good price for how much product you get- 30ml may not seem like a lot but trust me, it lasts forever.

This is a good primer to wear to school; either under foundation or instead of it. It mattes down the skin on application and acts as a barrier between your skin and any makeup which you put on top.

This primer was a milky product somewhere in between a liquid and a mousse; it didn't run. When blended out it became clear and had a mattifying effect.

The pump to this product was amazing and allowed you to control precisely how much product you got out meaning you'd never squeeze out too much or too little.

This was my second witch product (I have tried the foaming facial cleanser which I really loved) and I probably would go back to get more because the brand seems really focused on producing things good for the skin. I can also comment on its supposed 'skin clearing' effects. One day I remember having a spot and putting this on my face with no makeup, just going out to see a friend for the day. And I did notice that it shrunk the size of the spot and started it on its way to healing. I can't say that this will certainly work for you, but it seems to be a sort of two-in-one product and I highly recommend it for that.

Will I repurchase this item? Right now I definitely have more than enough primers to keep me going (I think only one is needed, max 2), but if I'm ever looking for a cheap mattifying primer to wear on a daily basis, I will definitely come back to this one.

Have you tried this product, or will you be picking one up? What products should I try from Witch next? Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Body Shop; Blueberry Body Butter, Empty-Review

Empties: Mini Reviews

A new layout I'm going to do in which when I finish up a product completely, I'll post a quick blog post reviewing it.

The product I just finished today is the Blueberry flavoured Body Butter from the Body Shop.

Body butters are a sort of all-over body moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated, and I usually use them in the morning before getting dressed or after a shower.

The Body Shop are well known for this product especially, as their body butters smell delicious and are extremely moisturising to the skin. At one point I had about 10 of these in different flavours and have gradually been using them up one by one.

The blueberry scent was one of my favourites, along with the passion fruit and raspberry ones, with the chocolate being a new favourite of mine.

They sell usually for around £12, but the great thing about the Body Shop is that they ALWAYS have some sort of discount or deal on, so make sure to pick their products up when they've got a 50% discount or something, trust me it's worth waiting for.

These last for EVER and I highly recommend trying one (perhaps get a mini size that they offer, which are also great for festivals/travel) if you haven't already.

Will I repurchase this item? Probably not this exact scent straight away, as I have at least 5 body butters still in my collection that I'm working through one by one, but if I ever run out of body butters I know I can depend on the Body Shop ones.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? What do you recommend for me to try next? Let me know in the comments below.

This is my new blog layout!

Hopefully this will be easier to read and more enjoyable to surf through!

And guys- I promise there are more updates to come and I will let you guys know what's going on in my makeup/fashion world more often.

If you have any requests of blog posts you'd like to see, please let me know below in the comments.


Lime Crime Palette Haul! (Palette D'Antoinette)

Literally Arrived Just this Second...

Not really a haul I guess, but I was too excited not to show you guys this one! I did technically order three things, but the two below are both presents for a good friend of mine- the OCC Lip Tar in 'Tarred' and Lime Crime lipstick in 'Airborne Unicorn' (super jealous of both)- the sort of presents that you buy and really have to stop yourself from just keeping in your own collection.

I ordered these three things from Cocktail Cosmetics which allows those in the UK to get products mainly distributed only in the US. It was my first time ordering from them and I ordered them at 10pm on the 17th February, a Monday, and was amazed to see them arrive technically one day later on the 19th at 12:30, which really is amazing service. All my products came unharmed and well-packaged with bubblewrap.

Onto the palette. I have been eyeing this one for over a year now and am so excited to finally have it in my collection.

The Palette d'Antoinette

Colours: Royal Flush, Absinthe-Minded
Colours: Macarooned, Ribbonesque, Mercurious
 The colours:
Royal Flush- a light-bright pastel matte pink
Absynthe-Minded- a pastel lime green
Macarooned- a bright pastel orangey-yellow shade
Ribbonesque- a pastel purple on the mauve side
Mercurious- a satin finish metallic silver shade

It was £23.95 which is the sort of price I would expect for a palette like this, and works out at almost £5 for each shadow.

Lime Crime is vegan and not tested on animals which are both things I highly endorse.

The colours are extremely pigmented as I had expected, and I think I'll get a lot of use out of them. How they apply onto the eye and how long-wearing they are is yet to be discovered but I will post some eye looks with this palette in the future for sure.

I know I'll get a lot of wear out of the silver colour especially, as when I go out I mainly do a silver lid and brown/black through the crease with winged eyeliner.

The palette's pigmentation is especially commendable due to the fact that 4/5 of them are matte pastel shades and usually those barely show up.

The packagaging is a little bit more flimsy than I had expected- the purple tin I thought would be more sturdy like the Naked 2 but it is more lightweight and the black base of the palette is just a plastic casing and nothing solid.

Well done Lime Crime, this palette is wonderful and I will surely be purchasing more Lime Crime products in the future.

Do you have any products from Lime Crime that you think I should try? Do you think this palette is worth picking up? Let me know in the comments below.