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E.L.F. Loves and Loathes: Face Edition

E.L.F. Loves and Loathes (Face Products)

This is last in a three-part blog post set, I've already done eye products and lip products.

E.L.F. is an online brand but in other parts of the world you can even get them in drugstores! They're so popular because their products are really cheap, and yet they aim to dupe a lot of more expensive products out there.

Can I just firstly say that these are my opinions and my opinions only- some of you may love the products I hate, and vice versa!

So let's get into it!

I'm gonna start off with the so-so products, I don't have any loathes for this category, just to get them out of the way...



Shimmering Facial Whip

I love using a liquid highlighter on the top of my cheekbones sometimes as it gives an even more natural finish.

The product is clearly aiming to be somewhat the Benefit High Beam, and it's not quite there. But for the fact it's 1/12th of the price I'd say it's probably a fine alternative. Really it's a very similar product.

Three stages of blending
For the price it's really good, especially since with the 50% off that ELF always seems to have, this would be just under £1!

High Definition Powder

This is a much more expensive product compared to the rest of the ELF line! I got it ages ago when there was only the translucent shade, but now they have a couple other alternatives too. I wouldn't suggest buying this if you're very dark skinned, as it doesn't completely blend out so it could give a bit of a white cast, but it's nothing I notice.

The powder comes with a powder puff which is good enough, and a sieve-thing too but I took that out to get to the rest of the powder as I begin to run out. As you can see, it does tend to get a bit messy and go everywhere.

This powder sets your makeup amazingly, which is something I find actually most powders don't do. If you put this over the top of concealer, it actually wont budge at all or be able to be blended. It also mattifys the skin really well.

The problem is that it isn't finely-milled enough! If you have this you'll know what I'm talking about- there's slightly bigger grains too which haven't been fully crushed. Sometimes you see these on your face, and overall it can tend to look a bit powdery unless you're careful.

Contouring Blush and Bronzing Kit

As you can see I depotted mine. It now comes in other shades and even a cream shade, which to me is just so exciting! I really want to try those.

I found that my bronzer was so unpigmented! It literally didn't come off at all when I tried to use it. This is why I cracked it (on purpose, yes), and that improved the pigmentation loads. But I'm willing to accept this is not the ordinary, as people usually complain about it being too pigmented!

The blush is amazing, really glittery and pretty. It's similar to one of the studio blushes as seen below called Twinkle Pink, and it's also been described as a dupe for NARS 'Orgasm', as has the bronzer in this been seen as a dupe for Laguna bronzer.

The texture of these is really nice and super blendable. I do recommend this product, and I'm sure most people who try it would agree.

Studio Blush

I have 4 shades, and to me they're okay but not quite worth the hype that everyone gives them!

There's a nice colour selection and they're quite pigmented, which is good, but they can be a bit chalky. However I do still like them, they're just not the best.

The packaging is no doubt amazing, but the product lets it down.

Twinkle Pink, Pink Passion, Tickled Pink, Giddy Gold

Tinted Moisturiser

I have the two lightest shades, Porcelain and Nude, and they're both too dark for me right now. The coverage is extremely light, but that's fine, it's what you'd expect from a tinted moisturiser. It does make your face look moreso one colour, which is nice.

It's really light on the skin and looks super natural.

So yeah it's alright, I'll continue to wear it but not as anything other than a really sheer coverage, it's nothing close to a foundation.



Tone Correcting Powder

This I loved, as you can see by the massive dent.

As with the other powder it can tend to be powdery if you're not careful, but otherwise it's so nice as a mattifying setting powder. I don't use this all the time but I will be sad when I run out.

It has 4 tone correcting shades and it's meant to tone correct your skin. I can't say it necessarily does this?? But it's a brilliant powder nonetheless- give it a try!

Mineral Infused Primer

Another more expensive product! It's worth it though, when you have the 50% off voucher. It's amazing though. It's a transparent gel that feels smooth on the skin. I can't really comment on making your makeup stay on longer, but it does seem to slightly blur your skin and definitely mattes it (I could wear it alone with no foundation), but not as much as the Garneir perfect blur one I love.

What's annoying is that you can't see when you're running low! I did a final pump of my first one of these and was like 'oh! it's now empty!' haha. But yeah, it's good, and I've repurchased this (this is my second one), and probably would again.

Mineral Mist and Set

Final product! Now this is good for the price. People have complained about the smell- I agree it's a bit off but it's not awful and I'm 100% fine with it.

I don't know what to say on if this makes your makeup last longer- again, this is extremely hard to measure, but what I mainly use this for (and as you can see I've almost used all of it), is spraying it onto a brush with eyeshadow on to make it into a more liquidy shade- especially amazing with metallic shades, this makes it even more pigmented and metallic. It's also amazing to use on black eyeshadow on an angled brush to use as eyeliner (much easier than liquid liner). Does anyone want a full post on this technique? I'm thinking of doing one.


I'd quickly like to mention the ELF spot treatment products available. The Zit Zapper is a roll on chemical liquid that kind of burns off your spots. I quite like it, but spot treatment is very personal so you'd really have to try it for yourself. The Mineral Blemish Powder is completely different. It's a loose powder that comes with a brush, and this is amazing for drying out those oily spots. It is very drying though, so don't put this on any dry spots!

Quick shoutout to ELF brushes- they're amazing. These are the ones I love loads.

I have the Powder brush, stipple brush, small stipple brush, and face kabuki. They're all so cheap and around the £3 mark. And they're honestly brilliant quality. The powder and kabuki brushes I use for packing on powder foundation or setting powders, the larger stippling brush I use for application of bronzer and blending all my face products nicely together, as well as for powder sometimes. And the small stipple brush is perfect for blush, especially cream blushes.

I love these brushes so so much and ELF brushes are no doubt worth a try. I use them every day.


I hope this was interesting and helpful to you guys!

What are your favourite face products from ELF? What are your least favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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