Monday, 30 March 2015

March 2015 Empties

I've used up loads of products in the month of March guys, and i'm going to share them with you

This is the second bottle of the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 face wash and mask I've used up. It's a really nice cleanser that I used in the shower (or as a mask on individual spots when they randomly sprung up) and it's really gentle on the skin. It visibly tightens- but not uncomfortably- the skin, and it feels super soft after use.

The cleanser was Lancome Bi-Facil which was a gift, and I'd not spend this much money on it again because I find my Nivea Double Effects (see full blog post) is a similar idea with the blue oil and clear water, but much cheaper and I actually find works better.

The Garnier Pure Active Toner was really nice, I used it after cleanser to tighten my face and on spots as well as just to make my skin feel so much cleaner, in an almost chemical way, and the scent is very strongly chemical. I feel this improved the quality of my skin, and will repurchase.

Lastly here is the Sebium H20 by Bioderma; I usually get the more popular one that everyone has with pink accents (instead of the green), but I found them the same. No idea what the difference is meant to be. A nice, inoffensive (no scent) cleanser to remove makeup or clean the face in the morning.

I've said before that I use cotton pads to put my makeup remover on to remove makeup every day, and I literally don't care which ones I buy, just whatever's cheapest or what's in the house. These three   are Sainsburys, Waitrose and Simply Gentle.

Thee moisturisers, all amazing. The Soultions range (found on the Avon website) is crazily cheap and their moisturisers are amazing. I used up the complete balance night cream which is almost a gel, sinks in amazingly but still hydrates the skin, so is perfect for oily or combination skin. I also used up their ageless bloom eye cream which is super thick but does sink into the skin, and is nice hydration for the under eyes before concealer.

I also used up the Garnier Moisture Match for combination to oily skin, which is probably one of my favourite moisturisers of all time, if not the favourite. I recommend this so highly.

Makeup time- I've really been trying hard to use up makeup recently so bear with me.

The ELF lip liner in pink grapefruit is a crazy colour, but had a really nice texture, similar to that of the Rimmel exaggerate full colour lip liner in Eastend Snob, which I was really upset to finish seeing as  I used it on practically every night out seeing as it's a tiny bit darker than my natural lip colour, making it the perfect liner for me. The only negative to both these lip liners for me is that they both are retractable, and I usually find with retractable lip liners that you're paying around £6 in terms of the Rimmel one for a ridiculously small amount of product. I really didn't get much in it. So i'm on the hunt for an affordable 'your lips but better' pink, but in pencil form.

The tiny double-ended pencil up top was my holy grail eyebrow product for many months- the natural eyebrow duo effect pencil from Rituals. I can't remember the colour as it got sharpened away, but it was for blondes. It was a perfect ashy tone and had a light concealer pencil on the other end for going around the edges of the eyebrow.

Slightly below that is an equally pitiful-looking pencil- the NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. This is the best eyeshadow base ever. It doesn't crease and because it's white it makes eyeshadow stand out and colours pop to their true potential. Plus, for me, a white eyeshadow base is the best option as even painterly is too dark for my skintone- I want something closer to my skin tone (sometimes I'd mix them to get my skin tone to completely cancel out the eyes). I've already repurchased it from the Makeupgeek website whilst buying eyeshadows from them (haul coming soon!). LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The tiny empty pot is a sample blush from Coastal Scents (in pigment form), it was a weird colour on my skin tone, a little too dark, but the feel was nice.

The Me Me Me dew pot I had was in Hollow Haze, a beautiful golden colour. I bought this after seeing Pixiwoo rave about them on youtube. Their consistency is moussy, whereas I prefer a stable base like the Mac paintpots or the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. They creased hugely in the contours of my eyelids. Use with caution- only put on a tiny amount.

I used up the ELF lip primer and plumper- not sure if i'd repurchase. The primer was basically just a concealer, and the plumper as with all lip plumping products is just a tingly gel that you're not sure if it actually has any effect at all.

Three lip stains I used up, two were Rimmel Lasting finish 1000 kisses ones (remember when these were the big hype?); in perpetual plum, and nothing but nude. They do stain the lips quite well, but anything with a felt tip applicator stops properly being effective after a few uses. The other was a Revlon just bitten stain in Frenzy, and it had the same problem. 

My first Revlon Lip Butter to use up was the one in Sugar Frosting, it's really pale but not too pigmented (the lighter ones really aren't) so I'd use it just as a subtle product. I wouldn't repurchase though- I really didn't like the texture of the lip butters, I found they looked really odd on the lips.

And finally I have the Maybelline one by one mascara. It was really nice, and I like the tapered applicator. I just have so many mascaras that I often feel overwhelmed.

In terms of haircare, I used up the Elvive Smooth and Polish detangling spray which is really nice to use before blowdrying/straightening as it also has thermal properties, and the Batiste dry shampoo in tropical scent which everyone seems to have. I'll probably repurchase both of these although my life doesn't depend on having them.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my empties that I've gathered up- let me know in the comments below what you've used up recently and if you plan on repurchasing!