Saturday, 21 September 2013

MUA Eyeshadow Trios


Some of the Best Eyeshadows on the High Street

MUA AS A BRAND has been getting a lot of hype recently, and usually this is for their eyeshadows. Their most popular products are their palettes, such as the Heaven and Earth ones which have become a big deal due to their extremely low price.

Pink Sorbet
A lot of the MUA (Makeup Academy) line sells for just £1, such as their lipsticks (of which a review is coming up shortly). The MUA line can be found at Superdrug in the UK, and this is their website. As for the price of these two trios I have to share with you today, they sell for just £2.50 which I think is an amazing price.

Unlike some eyeshadows out there, these are packed with pigmentation, and there is a lot of product in each of these little domes of colour. They will definitely last you for a long time.

MUA is a cheap hit-and-miss brand, just like ELF is. Some products are really good, and others not so much. But their eyeshadows, and particularly these eyeshadow trios are worth a try.

They come in a variety of different shades, and here I am showcasing two of my favourites.

Innocence trio swatches

As you can probably tell from the swatches, they are extremely shimmery and glittery. The two trios I have to show are full glitter, meaning that there is not a single matte colour. This, for me, is definitely not a bad thing. Sure, it's hard to make a look using just the three eyeshadows and nothing else, but who says you have to do that? Certainly the lightest colour in each palette makes a stunning everyday light glittery colour for all over the lid: you don't have to wear them all at the same time.

The good thing about the glittery-ness(?) of these products, is that they provide more of a beautiful sheen than a full on glitter. The eyeshadows have a surprisingly creamy texture (not too chalky at all) and there isn't too much fallout when using them on the lid.

Pink Sorbet trio swatches
My favourite of the two is probably Pink Sorbet because I find that I can use all three colours together for one look. Admittedly, this was for a night out at an 18th Garden Party. I really recommend using all three in conjunction if you know you'll be in a very dark environment because your eyes will look amazing. 

I still think the middle colour (the lightest shade) in the Innocence trio is just divine. If you're looking for an extremely pigmented, light bright shimmery colour for any sort of highlight (browbone, inner corner, cheekbones even) then this is perfect.

The best thing about these? The swatches shown were used on normal clean skin- aka: no primer. Yes, that is the pigmentation without a primer.

Will you be trying out these trios from MUA? Does anyone have any recommendations from the rest of the MUA line? Leave me a comment below.