Sunday, 21 April 2013

Revision Breaks: Most Creative Times of my Life...

Nail Art Wheels

Yesterday in between bits and bobs of revision I used any inspiration I could come across through pictures and YouTube videos to find designs I could lay down on my new nail wheels. I had ordered a new set of 10 which had promptly arrived the day before.

Doing nail art was such a nice revision break for me, it took me a while to do the whole wheel but I am honestly happy about how each individual design turned out, and I will definitely be trying them all out on my nails.

For all those in the UK, here is the amazon seller link I used to buy my nail wheels if you're interested in getting some (x). They're pretty good quality and a nice natural colour. Also I think I got 20 nail wheels when I thought I was buying 10, which was a nice surprise.

Now I've just gotta choose which to wear to Reading Festival...

If you're reading this post- welcome to my blog! Let me know which designs are your favourite in the comments section.
My favourite summer options for Reading are the colourful dots, colourful leopard print, 4 colour swirl and 4 colour splat!

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