Saturday, 15 March 2014

Paul & Joe; Eye Makeup Remover, Empty-Review

Empties: Mini Reviews

When I completely finish a product, I upload a quick blog post reviewing it.

Today I finished the 'Eye Make-up Remover' by Paul & Joe which I got for a birthday present probably over a year ago.

It was one of those products I tried not to use excessively all the time because I was aware of how special it was and it just felt expensive, probably due to the extremely chic glass bottle packaging (which I'll have to find some alternative use for; I won't be able to just throw it away it's too beautiful) and even the pattern on the box it came in was beautiful.

As an actual makeup remover, it was good. But nothing amazingly special. It took off most of my makeup but no quicker than things I currently have.

You get 100ml and can find it around the £14 mark. Here is the product on their website.

This was my first and still currently only product I have owned from Paul & Joe, and I haven't heard much about the makeup brand on youtube or blogs at all. I don't think it's a brand I'll be buying more things from right now, as it's more expensive than drugstore prices and there aren't any unique-looking products I have my eye on in particular.

Would I repurchase this product? I'm going to say no. This is mainly because right now i'm in love with the Nivea Double Effects (review coming soon) oil and water mixture which is only around £3 and I haven't found anything better than that so far.

That and my Bioderma are getting me through.

Have you tried this product, or will you be picking one up? What products should I try from Paul & Joe next? Let me know in the comments below.

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