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Coloured Heel Tips: Product Review

Transform your ordinary high heels with this cool innovative product, or replace broken/scuffed tips!

Here I am presenting to you all a product that is a new concept to me- coloured heel tips. They add a new dimension to your ordinary pair of heels, or alternatively replace those old scuffed ones. You can buy heel tips in a few different places, but mostly they are only available in the boring black or nude- not at

Coloured Heel Tips provide a bright, fun new approach to your standard heels.

In this detailed review I'll also give tips on how to actually apply these to your shoes.

Photos from the website
The idea appealed to me most because it means you can revive your plain black heels and custom-match them to an outfit without having to buy a completely new pair of shoes. You achieve the same results, as using this tiny adjustment makes your shoes look and feel like a completely different product.

Heels before with the standard black heel tip

The red is a subtle but still noticeable difference that'll have all your friends jealous!

This was the package I received in the mail.

They sent me this message:
"We are basically two girls, one of which came up with this idea of being able to accessorise your heel tips.  Let's face it we accessorise everything else!  They are currently only available in the UK as black or tan.  All our profits will be going into making more colours, but at the moment we only do red.  As two mums with young ones, we are investing in this out of our own pockets which is why the colours will be coming gradually.  The problem we have is that nobody knows they exist as they are a new idea, so we need to get them out there."
I love that the company is small run by two individuals, but they still have a professional website and safe-pay via Paypal. 

Currently they have a selection of different sizes for red heel tips, as well as black. The black ones also have the option of being circular. There are also more colours to be added, which I am extremely excited about.

I received the red in 9.5mm size, because I could tell from the fantastic size guide (x) that these would fit my black kitten heels... And they did. Perfectly.

Coloured Heel Tips also do 13.5mm and 19mm in the 'D' shape.
"You can find out what size heeltip you need by measuring the flat part of the 'D' shape against a ruler.  All sizes are shown in mm and inches."

There is no arguing with the price- each pair is just £1.50. Furthermore, they offer special deals if you buy in bulk, and the price gets considerably cheaper. So not only is this service great for the individual, but also businesses wishing to re-distribute this product.

The delivery was extremely fast (under 2 days!) and the packaging was good- as it's a relatively new product and business, it is obvious of the care and attention that is put into everything that the business does.

The product is a great gift or just a present to yourself, I'm sure your old standard pair of heels will thank you!

I think this product is appropriate for all ages- from teenagers right up to anyone who still rocks a pair of heels on a night out! Whether you're a teenager, a young woman or an older woman, these heel tips add a new sophistication to an ordinary pair of heels.


How to replace your heel tips:

You'll need a pair of pliers. Use them to pull your heel tip out, and make sure you pull it out straight to avoid breaking the tip! If this is a struggle try twisting it as you pull it out, but still pull it out straight and not crooked.

The black ones taken out of the original pair
Push in the new tip and knock the shoe against a hard surface to make sure it's attached correctly, and pushed all the way in.

It really doesn't take long! Honestly it's surprisingly easy.

And voila!

These fierce red tips work amazingly with a fancy red outfit, or alternatively just add something new to any normal outfit.

You could even pair it with a red lip or bag.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 22- literally the best red lipstick ever

So there's my review!

What is fantastic is that other colours will soon be added to the current single classic red option. On the website homepage is the chance to vote for which colour you would like to see next, personally I am extremely excited about the teal option and that's the one I voted for.

Picture courtesy of the website homepage, (x)

The customer service I have experienced through email has been polite, helpful and relatively quick.

For more information:

Check out their website:
'Like' their Facebook page for updates and offers:

Will you be checking this product out? Which colour interests you most? Let me know in the comments below.


* Although this product was sent to me, I was under no obligation whatsoever to write a post unless I wished to. All opinions are as always 100% my own and completely un-biased. 

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