Thursday, 10 April 2014

How to: Fix cracked powder makeup

How to quickly and easily fix your broken powders!!

^ Isn't this just the saddest sight of life?

Today I'm going to show you this simple and easy tip to fix any cracked powder product that smashed. Products smash if you drop them or sometimes when there isn't much product left. Either way, this makes the product way easier to use than working with the smashed remains.

You can use this tip on powder eyeshadow, powder blush/bronzer or face powders.

I also fixed this cracked Rimmel Stay Matte powder, here I demonstrate that you can smooth the product over into just half of the case if you don't have enough product left to make a whole thin layer. If you don't have much product left, this method will prevent it from cracking again straight away.


All you need:

1. Your cracked powder :(
2. Alcohol to make the product into a paste, using water does not work as it separates from the powder. Use any sort of rubbing alcohol or product with alcohol in that is safe to use on your face. Here I have decanted mine into a spray bottle, also the spray previously was a liquid nail freeze, containing alcohol, which worked well for this too. Sometimes rubbing alcohol isn't the easiest to get hold of!

 3. Something to bash up the cracked powder further, my weapon of choice today was a ruler.

The process:

Bash up the product further until the big chunks are all gone.

Keep on bashing!

By the way, this product, which I love so so much (my favourite 'drugstore' face powder probably, is the Natural Collection Pressed Powder in shade 1-Cool.

When it looks like this, you're all good.

Because the bottle had a spray pump I sprayed some of it into an old daily contact lense container and poured it in from there. If I just sprayed straight into the powder, the bits would just go everywhere!

The water-poured-on product.

Then, use your ruler and smooth the product down into a paste, make sure to press it down and make it as compact as possible.

The product as a paste
Then you just leave it to set for a long period of time, I just leave it overnight, and don't use it until it's completely 100% dry.


Here I also used this method with a powder blush that cracked on its delivery to my house, it now works completely fine as good as new, just as pigmented as before.

I used a really good camera to take these pictures today, hopefully you can notice the quality difference!

What's your favourite powder product? How do you fix your cracked powders? Let me know in the comments below.

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