Saturday, 20 April 2013

Are Those Nails Real?!

Cartoon Nails

I RARELY EVER actually end up doing nail art that I've seen tutorials of on YouTube, but as a form of procrastination/creative revision break I decided to try this one out. Obviously credit goes to Cutepolish- it's not her unique idea but she credited the 'owner' of this idea in her video so definitely check it out here (x) if you want to recreate this yourselves. 

When I wore this I got quite a few compliments, and people getting quite confused at what was actually going on. Clearly I didn't execute this to CutePolish standards but c'mon, cut me some slack here, I'm currently growing out my nails so they're not yet quite long enough and definitely not strong enough yet.

Anyway this is a really 'nice' nail look you can fairly easily recreate and it still ends up looking good. So give it a try if you're up for something different and unique to what your friends will be wearing.

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