Saturday, 1 March 2014

Nivea; Double Effect Makeup Remover, Empty Review

Empties: Mini Reviews

When I use a product up, I do a quick blog post reviewing it.

Today I finished another Double Effect Eye makeup remover from Nivea; a brand which can be bought from the drugstore.

I just... I cannot put into words how much I love this product.

This might be my 5th repurchase, and it's not coming to a stop any time soon.

I use this to remove my eye makeup and sometimes my face makeup too.

It's around the £3 mark, which for 125ml is a great price. Once I saw this in superdrug on offer for £1 and I couldn't believe my eyes. £1 for this amazing product really is a price to shout about.

Photo from the ocado website, just to show what a full bottle looks like
I wanted to show a picture of the full product. It's an oil/clear liquid mix that you have to shake thoroughly until the two make a pale blue colour. Make sure to mix it properly!

If you haven't tried this yet- what are you doing! Go out and buy it! It's worth a try.

The oil means if you get this directly in your eye it won't feel too good- a gentle sting. That's its only con, it's not as gentle as Bioderma. It leaves your face with a shiny oily residue, but don't fear- this does sink in within a minute, and for an oily skinned person like me, it isn't a problem. In fact, I find it controls the oils on my face.

How do I use this product? I squirt a bit onto a makeup removing pad, press it onto the eye for a few seconds, wriggle it around a bit and then gently swipe off. This removes almost all of my eye makeup in one go. Even mascara. One pad (flip it over and use the other side!) comfortably does all my face on a school day and up to 2/3 of my makeup when removing night out makeup.

It's better than the nivea one I used to use, it's better than Bioderma.

Will I repurchase this product? 100 times over. I have yet to find another eye makeup remover as amazing as this one, and until I do I will continue to buy this. There probably are better ones out there, but I just haven't found one yet, and especially not as cheap as this is.

Will you be picking this product up? What's your favourite makeup remover? Let me know in the comments below.

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