Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Eye Makeup: Intense Turquoise and Purple Pigments

Wednesday 25th June Eye Makeup Look

I did this crazy eye look for a themed end of exams party I attended last week where my theme was 'Space'. It was so so fun to do, I used two pigments I've had for ages and a bright blue mascara. Again sorry the picture quality isn't as amazing as it has been but I was getting ready at a friend's house.

(On the cheek is glitter).

Yeaah I really went all out, with both the makeup and outfit.

You can kind of see the blue mascara in this light, it's something not 100% noticeable in the dark or normal lights, but when your eyelashes catch the light it's a bright bright blue.

 Although I know this look is very out there, it probably is something I'd wear again. My lids are really hooded so it can still look quite subtle, and anyway sometimes if you're dressing quite plain it's still nice to do something crazy on the eyes.

Here's a list of the products I used.

As always I used the NYX jumbo eye pencil all over the eyelid as a base for something for the pigments to adhere to. Again as always I used the white from the Soap and Glory Lid Stuff Palette in 'What's Nude' for a browbone and inner corner matte highlight, and a mixture of the other two matte shades as a transition shade in the crease. The pigments I bought ages ago from Primark probably for a super cheap price, but they're good quality! I doubt they still sell them though, even though they've recently brought back a makeup range. I packed them on with a small brush sprayed with fix plus and then gentle blended them together in the transition of the two to make it slightly more smooth and less stark. I also lined the lower lash line with the same pigments. To line the upper lash line I used the L'Oreal super liner and for mascara the Colossal Volum Express in Blue by Maybelline.


On my lips I used this frosty sheeny white called Shell by 17 (Boots). Due to the finish I basically only use it for fancy dress.

Let me know if you would try this look out in the comments below!