Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mac; Pro Longwear Concealer, Empty-Review

Empties: Mini Reviews

When I completely finish a product, I upload a quick blog post reviewing it.

I used up a makeup product! 

Today I finished the 'Pro Longwear Concealer' from Mac, which with two other mac products were my first purchases from the shop. Wow! It must be over two years ago that I bought this product having heard absolutely nothing about it, and I definitely didn't appreciate it that much at the time and not experienced with makeup I felt this was thick and it was also a bit dark for me (the colour (NW15) is perfect for me now).

The aim of a concealer is to cancel out any discolouration on your face or cover up spots. 

In the last few months I have grown to love this. Despite the awful packaging (I'm sure you've heard all about the pump, basically it's impossible for it to distribute the correct amount of product, it always gives waaaay too much, especially not good as this is a full coverage concealer and you only need the tiniest bit to cover anything up.

I think it's about £16, which is definitely a lot when you can get great drugstore concealers from £4. As with other mac cosmetic products, this lasts forever (not literally obviously because it's in my empties -ugh-, i'm sorry), so for that I definitely recommend it. If you like wearing a fuller coverage foundation when you go out, buy this. I wouldn't recommend wearing it without foundation unless you sheer it out.

It may not look completely finished, but I swear it is! Not a drop left and no way of getting any possible excess out. It's finished completely down to the bottom.

I used to use this on spots because of its coverage, but recently every single Youtuber seems to use it as their under eye/highlighting concealer, and I started doing the same. It's amazing for this. It's longwearing and doesn't look too unnatural considering the amount of coverage it gives.

Would I repurchase this again? Yes, just trying to use up some of my other concealers at the moment. Not having this to use is quite saddening actually. It's definitely worth buying a slightly more expensive concealer.

Have you tried this product, or will you be picking one up? What Mac products should I try next? Let me know in the comments below.

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