Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Top 3 Neutrals Palettes

My Favourite 3 Palette Picks

On a day-to-day basis if I wear eyeshadows at all they are almost always neutral shades, so these palettes as well as my neutrals mac palette (see the blog post) are my most used. 

I usually wear light shades over my lid for a wash of colour, and sometimes but rarely attempt dark eyes (it washes my light skin out).

Into my top 3 most used neutrals palettes, in no particular order.

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

A Naked Palette being in here probably isn't surprise to anyone, however this is probably my least used palette of the three.

In hindsight I think the Naked 3 with rose-hues would have been the best for my pale skin. However the colours in this are amazing, there's no doubting, and I can create so many looks with this.

The transition colour Tease is amazing, as is Foxy for an all over wash of colour or browbone highlight. I also use the matte black Blackout quite a lot.

The price is around £40 which actually for 12 full sized amazingly creamy quality eyeshadows is not something I see as too expensive. 

The pigmentation is amazing with every single shade, even the matte ones.

I highly recommend this palette! Check out the naked palettes and see which of the three will best complement your skin tone. If you wear eyeshadow, buy one of these! Nothing beats Urban Decay for eyeshadow- they're definitely even better than Mac.

2. Sleek Makeup Storm Palette

This is a neutrals palette with a twist- the possibilities are endless. You can do a classic brown smokey eye, a blue one, a pink one or a green one. But I still count this as a neutrals palette.

The price is around £8 from Superdrug, and the quality is amazingly creamy. It has a lot of similar colours to my next palette, and the Naked 1 as well.

I actually like using the sponge-tip applicator on occasion as it applies a dense amount of highly pigmented creamy colour- using a normal brush with these can be problematic.

I use the two matte shades for my eyebrows- they're perfect for that and it lasts all day.

12 shades, £8, you do the maths. That's a great deal. Also Sleek Makeup have many fab palettes to choose from- you will find the one for you. I find this to be the one I'd use most.

The colours I use most in this are the second one along- a lot like Stila's Kitten and amazing in texture, and the two matte browns for transition colours and my eyebrows.

Sleek is worth checking out- I swear by their stuff and it's not gonna make you bankrupt.

3. Stila In the Light Palette

I love this palette, and with the others in this list this is well loved by beauty bloggers. I loved the look of this and had to get it.

These palettes are creamy in texture, but not chalky. None of them are duds- they all are amazing. The palette is priced at around £25, which for 10 shadows really isn't that much at all. Worth it? Definitely.

The colours resemble those in the Naked 1, and also some of them are very similar to the ones in the Sleek palette.

If you like the colours and think you'll get a lot of use out of them, definitely pick this up! You can buy it online from loads of stores, and even find it in some of the bigger Boots.

The pigmentation is like nothing else and texture is less chalky than the Sleek palette- you can definitely feel the difference, and why this one deserves to be priced so much more.


I always suggest buying palettes, especially if you're just starting out with makeup. Don't bother buying individual shades just get a couple of palettes to start with!

I hope this post was somewhat helpful or interesting to you!

Will you be picking any of these products up? What is your favourite palette? Let me know in the comments below.

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