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E.L.F. Loves and Loathes: Eyes Edition

E.L.F. Loves and Loathes (Eye Products)

This is first in a three-part blog post set, I'll be doing lip products next and then face products.

E.L.F. is an online brand but in other parts of the world you can even get them in drugstores! They're so popular because their products are really cheap, and yet they aim to dupe a lot of more expensive products out there.

Can I just firstly say that these are my opinions and my opinions only- some of you may love the products I hate, and vice versa!

So let's get into it!

I'm gonna start off with the loathes, just to get them out of the way.



Cream Eyeshadows

It's not often I really hate a product, but these I really didn't get along with.

The packaging is beautiful and sleek and you seem to get a lot of product in them, but they're not smooth at all and therefore give you a patchy application. They also crease on the eyelids which is just not something you want for a cream eyeshadow- just go for the MAC ones; in this case it's worth the price.

Patchy and not that pigmented- I'm going to throw these products away unfortunately
They won't last very long because the product dries out. I've tried 4 of these and both the lighter and darker shades are all awful.

I also got free once the 6 in one to-go palettes, or something. They weren't horrendous and the blushes and bronzers especially were quite nice, however a lot of the eyeshadows really weren't great.

I don't have them anymore because I threw out a couple of the bad sets and gave the rest to a friend who doesn't have much eyeshadow.

I didn't have any pictures of this and couldn't find it on the website, but here are some pictures on google if you're wondering what it looks like.



The Mineral Infused Mascara

This is something I liked, but I can't say I completely loved.

It's a good enough mascara, and the brush shape means this is amazing for reaching the lower lashes without smudging mascara everywhere!

However the formulation is very liquidy and thin- with this mascara you get more of a lengthening effect than volumising. Further, it's not as long-wearing as I'd like in a mascara. But this product really isn't bad by any means! And I do get a lot of use out of it.



Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara

This is a great product, and sadly i'm almost out. You can see my spoolies are a bit tinted from use, but they were originally completely clear.

I used this over the top of my eyebrow products to set the brow hairs in place. And boy does it set the hairs in place! If you want a brow gel that means your lashes really won't budge at all throughout the whole day, then try this out. But if you prefer a more natural setting gel, and one that doesn't make them feel slightly stiff and very set-down, then perhaps try another one. The Body Shop one is good but a bit more natural-feeling.

Eyeliner and Shadow Stick
£1.97 reduced from £3.95

I got this in a free Halloween bag in 2012 and I've grown to love it. This is a much better cream eyeshadow than the ones in the pot first mentioned in this post.

It comes with two cream eye products.

One thicker end is a lighter shadow stick which I use all over the lid- it's a beautiful colour
Green is a colour which isn't really too far from the standard brown, but adds something new to an ordinary eye look. Try doing green all over the lid and pushing a brown into the crease, or alternatively doing a usual smokey eye but running a slight dark green amongst the brown in the crease.

The 'moss' shade is a slightly darker and thinner colour which is amazing as an eyeliner. It's not too noticeable as a green than a slightly off-black, so I've used this as an upper eye liner before, but it also works amazingly along the lower lash line.
 I really reccommend this product, and will hopefully try it in other shades too.

This is in the shade green/moss

Eyelid Primer

Sorry I don't have a picture for this one, I've just run out. I don't need any more primers right now but if i'm ever searching for a cheaper alternative, I definitely will. It's like a thinner version of the Urban Decay primer potion, and although I can't say it works exactly the same, it's a primer, and it primes well enough. I can't really fault it, especially for the price.

I got it in the shade sheer, as it was before they started having the options of other shades. It's here on the website.

Eyebrow Kit

This is another product I don't own anymore- so sorry, no pictures for this! But I'm sure you've seen it before on blogs or in videos as it's quite talked about. I had it in the shade ash, and you can find it here on the website.

And for good reason! It's not too thick of a consistency so looks quite natural, the colour selection is good and the powder nicely sets the wax in place whilst adding a second dimension to the just one sole colour.


What are your favourite eye products from ELF? What are your least favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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