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Bake Your Own Boyfriend Cookie Cutter Product Review

'Bake Your Own Boyfriend' Cookie Cutter Review by the brand Niion

This product I got in the mail a couple of weeks ago is a boy-shaped cookie cutter, a fun way to spice up your standard cookies and get super creative!

I'm going to do a full review of the product as well as sharing the recipe which comes with it and showing you how to make these cookies step by step.
"Is your love life looking a little dull? Can't seem to find Mr.Right? Why not bake your very own boyfriend with this hunk shaped cookie cutter. Just add all you favourite things into the mix, plus a little spice to heat things up, and "taa-daa" the perfect edible man."

The packaging was secure and it was delivered to me within two days which I thought was amazing, plus the customer-service was extremely friendly.

You can find this cutter on amazon here for just £3.59 with free UK delivery! It's also on Ebay and the Niion website (x), a fun new brand who do a bunch of cool products. 

first batch! Here's the finished product
The cutter has the perfect proportions so that bits don't break off during the process, but the finished product still looks like a man when the cookies come out after baking.

The great thing about this cookie cutter is that it comes with the perfect cookie recipe on the back! Even if you don't have the cutter yet, just follow along with the recipe. It makes classic and simple delicious cookies that are not too sugary, not too floury. And you can even customise the recipe by adding fruit, nuts or anything else of your choice.

After they had cooled I decorated them individually to make unique cookies (-spy the mutated marshmallow half-man at the bottom, the bottom broke off and I ate it). I'll explain later on in the post how I individually decorated them.

The recipe says it makes 10, but for me it actually made 14 (plus I made a funky heart-shaped one with the left-overs).

The brand says:
"Girls are forever talking about finding the perfect man, whether it’s because the current one just isn’t measuring up or all the good ones are taken. Well this product provides the perfect solution, just bake your own.What could be easier than whizzing up a mix, adding all your favorite things, popping him in the oven and ‘ta-da’ the perfect hunk shaped man. No girl could be left unsatisfied after such a delicious and tasty treat!
 These cookie cutters don’t just have to be brought as a gift you can buy one for yourself…we won’t judge…we’ve already made loads of perfect men! These cutters are fully functional and come with a quick, easy and delicious cookie recipe. If you have a girl’s night, a hen do or simply a sweet tooth and a love of baking, you'll impress all the girls with these hunk shaped cookies. Add a little bit of icing to turn these tasty treats into the perfect man for you, for example add glitter, tattoo, a string vest etc.
…and if he starts to cause trouble, bite his head off and start again, or have a couple on the go at any time so you can pick and choose depending on your mood!"

It's a really funny thing to do with your girl friends- get them to come over and bake boy-shaped cookies with you, and then decorate your perfect man! It's a laugh.

You can choose from three types; a boyfriend, house husband or sex god! (although I couldn't see the 'sex god' one on the website or amazon)I have the 'boyfriend' one.


1. Baking!

150g butter
100g sugar
300g flour
1 egg
a pinch of salt
2 teaspoons of vanilla expert

The recipe is super simple and easy- you'll probably definitely have these basic ingredients in your cupboards, and use whichever sugar you have as it doesn't specify.
First I creamed together the butter and sugar,

then I added the egg

Then I added the flour, and here you'd add the salt. (Not gonna lie, I didn't add a pinch of salt, I never do, whoops for disobeying the rules but do what you want, I just find it usually doesn't make much of a difference.)

action shot!
Then I added the vanilla extract- I used a tablespoon and a half because I love the vanilla flavour to be really strong

It combines together really easily into a ball, and just pop it into the fridge for an hour wrapped in clingfilm.

After the tantalising one hour wait, get it out and roll it out between two sheets of baking paper with a rolling pin.

When you've got a layer about 7cm thick, use the cookie cutter!

Press into the rolled-out dough and make as many as you can.

Peel away the excess dough, scrunch out and re-roll. You'll do this process about 4 times.

handwash the cookie cutter after you've made your cookies- they aren't dishwasher safe!

As you can see from the picture above, when you use the cutter a bit of dough almost always gets stuck between the muscles and the head on either side. It's not like this is a huge issue but a slight annoyance. At least it means the cookie actually ends up looking like a muscly man.
After using the baking-sheet method for one batch, I decided to abandon it and just do the classic of sprinkling some flour on your work surface and rolling it out straight onto there. The dough kept getting stuck to the baking sheet and becoming tacky which made the first batch really hard to make.

It's a good tactic for perfectly shaped and textured cookies but it just didn't quite work for me.

I laid out as many cookies as I could fit onto each baking tray, lined with a sheet of baking parchment so they don't stick.

Place in the oven until lightly browned, this takes 7-10 minutes.

Beautifully browned cookies straight from the oven- they calmed down a bit after this initial look and had a smoother appearance.


2. Decorate!

Here are my decorating weapons of choice! I just had a look in my cupboards and picked out anything and everything I could use.

Weapons of choice: betty crocker chocolate fudge icing and vanilla frosting, icing sugar, icing writers, raspberry glaze (I didn't use this in the end), flake bar, chocolate bar, mini marshmallows and raspberries

I broke up slightly a flake and chopped up a bar of chocolate so sprinkle onto a couple of the cookies.

Here are all my decorated cookies:

Slightly closer-ups.

The green one is the whole tube of writing icing spread out onto a cookie, I know it looks a bit like snot- but it tasted delicious!

Above: The one on the right is the chocolate fudge icing by Betty Crocker. It tastes absolutely amazing and has a thick rich consistency.

Above: The one on the left here has the chopped up Green & Blacks milk chocolate sprinkled over a spread layer of the ready-made icing.

Above: I used the same icing method for the one on the left here too, but this time added strips of cadbury flake.

One of my favourites- a layer of the vanilla icing and raspberries cut in half sideways

For this one above, I drew strips of yellow and orange writing icing.

For the heart-shaped cookie I made icing using icing sugar and water, and spread it over the top. Classic and simply delicious!


My cookies looked and tasted amazing. They kept a sense of uniformity as the cookie cutter allowed the shape to be perfect every time, but I added a touch of uniqueness to each one by decorating them in my own special way.

The cookie cutter is completely sturdy and well-made so there's no need to worry about it breaking.

I just find the process of baking your own 'boyfriends' so amusing, and I'm sure you will too. Cooking these with friends you're guaranteed for comments such as "you broke my boyfriend's leg off!" and "stop eating my boyfriend!" etc. It's great fun.

I hope this post was interesting and entertaining for you guys to read- can't have been as great as my experience of making and eating the cookies though -yum! 


If you want to pick this product up, get it from amazon ( or on the Niion website for just £3.49.

For more information:

Will you be checking this product out? Which cutter interests you most and what toppings would you choose? Let me know in the comments below.


* Although this product was sent to me, I was under no obligation whatsoever to write a post unless I wished to. All opinions are as always 100% my own and completely un-biased. 

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