Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Throwing Out: Nail Star Nail Art Pens

I'm Gonna Have to Get Rid... Nail Art Pens from Nail Star

New series I'm doing where basically I do a blog post on items I have decided to throw out due to either lack of use or deciding they're off and not something I can use anymore. Either that or they're just awful products with no better home elsewhere. This is different to empties as those are products I've completely finished up. These are not.

Today I decided to throw out some of these nail art pens. I bought them over 2 years ago from amazon and you can probably find these ones or better still up there for sale. I bought them in a set of about 24 I think, and am throwing these ones away. 

They are either broken or just too gloopy and thick to be of use anymore. I'm not throwing away all of them, because most are still useable.

The texture has become more gloopy and thick now.

They are two way because they have a striper (as shown below) and a pen nib for drawing little details.

I really just don't use nail art pens anymore enough. You can use a toothpick instead and it's just as simple.

The stripers were really bad on these and broke easily or lost hairs.
They come with a thin stick to unplug any caught up polish in the nib, which is great

I probably won't be buying any new nail pens in the future, it's easier just to use normal polish, especially when I have so many.

What's the last product you've had to throw out? Let me know in the comments below.

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