Saturday, 31 May 2014

Biore; Nose Pore Strips, Empty-Review

Empties: Mini Reviews

When I completely finish a product, I upload a quick blog post reviewing it.

Today I finished a pack of pore strips from Biore. I bought them from Superdrug about six months ago.

Around the nose is the biggest area of concern pore-wise for most people, and this is definitely the case with me too. These strips get placed around the nose, left to harden, and when you peel it off it takes out any dirtiness that was clogging your pores previously. You'll see the little black dots left behind- it's quite gross actually.

Each came in a packet like this, and there were 6 in one packet. It cost around the £7 mark, which I thought was quite a lot, but there didn't seem to be many alternatives to this product in the 'drugstore' and I had heard many people talk about these from this brand, so I thought I would give them a go.

They're really easy to use and quick. I normally apply this and do a face mask on the rest of my face at the same time. 

It really does harden (like having solid paper mache on your nose), and peeling it off is therefore quite the task- it hurts, but it's satisfying. Afterwards I cleanse my face to remove any residue, and then moisturise. It leaves the skin feeling really smooth- just like freshly shaven/waxed legs hehe.

Would I repurchase this? Probably yes. It's not a necessity in my skincare routine but nice to use once in a while and no doubt these really work well.

Have you tried pore strips before? Are there any other good products from Biore you reccomend? Let me know in the comments below.

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