Sunday, 12 May 2013

Brandy Melville- The Best Around

Brandy Melville Haul
A BRANDY MELVILLE opened up on Kings Road in London a few months ago and after looking at pictures their clothes obsessively on Tumblr and their website I knew I had to go; just to check out their stock and of course buy some of their iconic pieces.

The way this shop works is somewhat unique; they only stock one size, with the motto 'One size fits most'. Somehow despite this, on me (a smaller 16 year old) everything seemed to fit extremely well. 

They also do something else very different. They have a few select patterns and images which are used throughout (such as the famous moon/eclipse pattern shown below) which they print onto their different standard shape clothes.

I decided to get three crop tops as i'm quite obsessed with crop tops at the moment, plus these Brandy Melville ones fit really nicely. These three pieces I picked up are similar in terms of shape but with different textures. This first piece to the left and right is a red crop top with an extremely detailed black or dark grey aztec print. It's not too over the top but gives a little more than just a plain piece.

Next is this plain navy crop top in the softest fabric I have ever touched. It's a different material than the first piece and feels so delicate that it could easily tear, but -touch wood- it seems fine right now, although I do worry. It's slightly sheer, but it's dark so wearing something under it other than a bra isn't really necessary. It has very flattering shape and feels nice to wear.

Finally I had to pick up something with the famous eclipse/moon pattern on it. I don't care if every person and their mum owns this print- I still love it. It is, to me, the epitome of Brandy Melville and one of the stand-outs that had people fanatical when it first cropped up (excuse the pun) on Tumblr. This is the only one of the three I have actually worn out yet. I wore it to a party and got a few compliments.

I'll definitely be going back to Brandy Melville soon to stock up on summer clothes- also there's an extremely soft set of jumpers and I want to pick one up. So there might be another Brandy haul coming along soon.

Have you been to Brandy Melville? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.


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